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Professional background

Becoming a coach

In 2020, like for many during the pandemic, life started to throw up questions for me.  Balancing the love of my profession as a business consultant alongside that of family life, (being a mum to three children including the challenges of a child with additional needs) I felt that, whilst I was surviving with a smile, I had this nagging question of whether there was more to offer as I settled into my 40s.   Wanting to give 100% to my family, my career and feeling underwhelmed with my contribution to the world I decided to take a break from alcohol and see if this would give life a different perspective (check out my blog post for the full story).  The renewed clarity I found sent me on a trajectory that has completely transformed my life.  For three years I have studied self development, including my favourite elements of positive psychology and stoicism, and culminating in an ICF double accredited coaching course and alcohol free mentoring qualification .  I am excited by life and the people I surround myself with.  I challenge myself every day. I feel energised. I have learnt that past traumas don't have to define your future.   Becoming an energy coach was the natural next step for me and continuing to combine my coaching and consulting has pushed my skills in both arenas forward. ​I bring to my clients my authenticity, and a skillset which combines a passion for the learning with my life experience of many significant challenges and the confidence that my clients can experience the sam positive energy recalibrations. 

Business consultant, Chartered management accountant

With 18 years of post-qualified experience, including over a decade working at blue-chip companies including Walt Disney, BNP Paribas and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  I have spent the past eight years supporting regional SMEs in a Finance Director capacity.  As a senior financial professional I have the vision to link the basics of day-to-day cash flow, accountancy and forecasting along with strategic business decisions and opportunities that can shape the direction of a company. ​ My aim is to give clients confidence to navigate new challenges and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. 

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