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The ENERGY program

Sign up for a growth enhancing 6 week course

The energy program is delivered through live workshops and my learning platform

Enabling you to watch the corresponding videos at your own pace

Enabling you to click into the weekly prompts

Enabling businesses to engage staff in a more immersive wellbeing experience

A program designed to give your life and perspective a reboot.....

We will gradually build your energy levels week by week, expelling unwanted energy activities, removing the blinkers, freeing up space to welcome in those energy enhancing activities, engaging in positive psychology tools to change your perspective and to rebalance you 

Program aims

to strengthen your foundations – the six streams of  sleep, nutrition, movement, connection, recovery and gratitude 

to identify sources of energy drainers and energy givers

to support you in putting boundaries in place

to create positive routine and to free up time

to zone in on what you feel fully engaged in

to raise your bar

to identify some achievable goals

Delivery method

Weekly 60 minute zoom

Work book to record weekly tasks

Homework to continue and solidify learning

Frozen Berries

Find balance

As we zone in on your six streams weekly 


Build energy

As we identify what drains your energy and what builds your energy

Sunrise Tour

Change perspective

As we use positive psychology tools to change your mindset

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