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Rethinking ALCOHOL, rediscovering ENERGY
one day workshop to lift the blinkers

Over 1000 days alcohol free | coach and alcohol free mentor | mum |  professional |
living a life quite unexpected but endlessly positive

Curious about putting alcohol in the back seat?

Open to change the focus and let more energy in?

My name is Sam and it is my passion to energise people and my mission to normalise the alcohol conversation.  Alcohol and energy go hand in hand in that eventually one depletes the other.  You don't notice it at first.  Life has a very funny way of accommodating our changing habits and on the subject of alcohol it often does this by narrowing your focus and creating blinkers to allow you to function "happily" at life and still continue drinking.  Then one day you might wake up and realise you actually have a bit part in your own life. 


I invite you to a one day workshop where we envisage a life where alcohol has less emphasis.  From my perspective I would love the opportunity to allow to you see a different side to life, to really question the true benefits alcohol is giving you, and to lift the blinkers.

Session takeaways

You will receive an invite to my school and the corresponding course.  This space provides post workshops support, tools and reviews to keep you on your chosen path. 

Workshop aim

To shift perspectives

To gain facts

To question beliefs

To rethink reality

The structure of the day

 4 sessions of 1 1/2 hours

2 x 15 minute coffee breaks

Half hour lunch break.

Total run time 7 hours

9am for a 9.30 start

4.30 finish with 1/2 buffer to 5pm

Program details

Please email me for full program details.

Location options

Billericay TBC



Image by Rubaitul Azad
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