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My focus is on unlocking and enhancing positive energy in individuals and teams

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I quickly help clients establish accounting practices and find efficiencies both in processes and financials


Being a more positive person is high on my list of things to work on and Sam was a perfect example of the type of positive person I hope to be.


My specific focus on individual's energy allows me to support my clients in finding renewed strength, desire, goals and overall positivity.  Through a program of sessions that hone in on different areas that can influence our energy levels, my clients gain strength week by week as the course progresses



"Whether you think you can or  you think you can't you are right" Henry Ford



My initial client consultations guide me quickly to solutions.  My skill is in listening to the client and delivering results in a format which the client understands and feels comfortable with.  From supporting you to understand and manage cash flow to designing a monthly reporting package and processes,  find out more about how I can advance your business.


I am an accredited Coach and CIMA qualified consulting FD and continue to operate in both disciplines, bringing to clients my enthusiasm and passion whilst continuing to work within the two professions that I love. Combining the skills and knowledge from both fields has given me huge strength as a professional and has enhanced and expanded my offering to you in both arenas.

In my coaching practice, through courses, workshops and 1:1 work my focus is on energy. I believe that with renewed energy comes drive, purpose and vision.

In my business consulting role, my passion is in quickly finding solutions and efficiencies within companies and building robust finance processing structures for my clients. 

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